NPS MedicineWise is delighted to announce the appointment of Judy Gregurke to the NPS MedicineWise board as a non-executive director.

NPS MedicineWise chair Dr Andrew Knight welcomed Ms Gregurke’s appointment, noting her extensive experience as a consumer health advocate and leader in the community and aged care sectors will bring invaluable perspectives to the board.

Commenting on Ms Gregurke’s appointment, Dr Knight said, “Judy is a highly experienced consumer health advocate with over 25 years of experience in executive management roles in health, disability and peak body membership organisations in the not for profit sector.

Coupled with this leadership experience Judy demonstrates genuine passion for empowering and supporting people and representing the views and concerns of service users, consumers and community members.

“Her unique perspectives and combination of skills and expertise will further hone the board’s focus on the primacy of consumers,” he said.

Ms Gregurke joined the board on 25 May 2020 and succeeds non-executive director Jennifer Morris who served on the board from May 2017.

“Jennifer made a significant contribution to NPS MedicineWise over the past three years, most recently providing advice on developing the new NPS MedicineWise consumer advisory group. Her enthusiasm, passion and dedication to ensuring the consumer voice is heard have been instrumental in strengthening the organisation’s consumer focus with everything we do,” said Dr Knight.