Sri Lankan restaurant entrepreneurs Shaun Christie-David and Peter Jones-Best on Enmore Road in Sydney have taken the Covid 19 pandemic in their stride and retooled their kitchen to be a fit for purpose, call to action charity provider of first-class food to the needy. Almost 10,000 free meals have been provided to organisations like the Asylum Seeker Centre, Addison Road Community Centre, Redfern Aboriginal Medical Service, Mission Australia, Settlement Services International, Refugee Council of Australia and NDIS Breakthru.

The boys cannot do all the heavy lifting alone and ask that people consider the option of paying it forward and are asking for donors to give $2 per-meal. This civic duty in a time of crisis for other citizens is a great example of how social enterprise and private enterprise can work together and help feed hungry people at a time when they are vulnerable and socially distant from assistance.

Colombo Social is a for-purpose business initially set up to provide opportunities, training, and to bolster the employment of people seeking asylum. In just a few months of successfully operating, Colombo Social provided over 1,300 hours of employment to people seeking asylum as well as an additional one-on-one training program that we set up for asylum seekers.

As a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, Shaun Christie-David and Peter Jones-Best came across many stories of need and vulnerability at Colombo Social, from not only our employees that are seeking asylum but those community members already living on the poverty line, elderly Indigenous Australians, and many others in Sydney that are unable to feed themselves and their families due to food shortages and financial struggles.

In response, we closed our doors to focus on feeding Sydney’s most vulnerable community members. Our project, ‘Plate it Forward,’ has been running successfully since March 24, 2020, and we have already provided thousands of meals to those who have been most impacted by the pandemic.

Their goal is to continue to increase their impact as unfortunately the need in our community rises dramatically.

Colombo Social has partnered with long-standing and trusted Australian charities who have identified the most at-risk members of their communities. To date, the project has been fully funded by the Serendib Social Group T.A Colombo Social. The Serendib Social Group will continue to absorb many of the overheads and costs for the project on an on-going basis. Please visit the website for more details on how you can assist these inspiring young men.