Julian Fitzgerald is a Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery journalist working for Clareville Press. He is the founder and editor of LobbyXchange. Born in Canberra he studied political science and English literature at the Australian National University before becoming a journalist.  He has written three books Lobbying in Australia, You can’t expect anything to change if you don’t speak up, Inside the Parliamentary Press Gallery: Seeing Beyond the Spin and On Message Political Communications of the Australian Prime Ministers 1901-2014. Some of the critics have said: “Fitzgerald’s book, destined to become a text for Canberra journalists and a valuable and rare guide,” Tony Wright, The Bulletin. “The book is both a resource and a how-to-do-it manual for aspiring lobbyists. It will take its place on the lobbyists’ shelf next to the path breaking work by earlier Canberra lobbyists.” The Canberra Times Professor John Warhurst ANU. “Julian Fitzgerald’s Lobbying in Australia emerges from a concern for the health and integrity of Australia political processes.” Dr Tom Frame, Anglican Bishop to the Australian Defence Force, published in The Canberra Times.

Inside the Parliamentary Press Gallery: Seeing Beyond the Spin examines the Press Gallery from its transfer to the new Parliament House in 1988 through to the present day. These years have coincided with massive change in communications technology and a willingness on the part of Government to use it to monitor, coordinate and control the dissemination of information. On Message Political Communications of the Australian Prime Ministers 1901-2014. From Federation in 1901 until 2014 Prime Ministers have had to adapt to technological innovation in communications. From Barton’s black bag stuffed full of Prime Ministerial correspondence through to the golden age of newsprint, the growth of radio, the invention of television and the rise of the Internet and the iPad. Though the consumers have been early adopters of new communications technology our governments have remained cautious to implement this evolving technology quickly. PMs have been contentious in their control and legislation for the roll out of first newspapers and magazines, then wireless, radio, television, pay television and finally the Internet. 

His current research topic for his next book is, Presidents and Prime Ministers: the United States of America and Australia 1901-2020. I have dedicated my next book, Presidents and Prime Ministers: the United States of America and Australia 1901-2020 to my sons, Patrick and Daniel who will live their whole lives in the Pacific Century. From the 25th President to the 30th Prime Minister, the United States and Australia have together fought against tyranny, communism, fascism, dictators, religious extremists and terrorists. Our relationship has endured throughout wars, depressions and periods of benign times; a Pax Americana. We’ve fought side by side in every major conflict for the last 120 years. In an era of globalisation, our leaders have for the most part encouraged the benefits of free markets and open world trade in our bilateral, plurilateral and multilateral treaties. We have shared technological progress while struggling to adapt to digital disruption and vast market-oriented economic reforms. Today we both confront terrorism, the rise of China, resurgence of Russia, in a world of globalisation, innovation, outsourcing and automation.

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