Josh Mulrine has developed a disruptive video-marketing model designed to radically transform marketing from its former costly Madison Avenue model.

He was invited to the USA, to join a select group of top international consultants to Fortune 500 companies—including participants from Yahoo!, Apple, Hay House and Virgin Galactic—to help plan and build an international parent company supporting 13 integrated, global eco-conscious companies.

Josh’s company was the first ever to be invited to film content inside of the Federal Treasury’s Budget lockup, and to set up an on-site video production suite with an all-access pass to film and photograph at Parliament House on Budget night.

Josh is an elite networker and has made a number of people very wealthy through high-end introductions that resulted in profitable strategic alliances and new businesses establishing.

Following his marketing model, Josh’s videos have:

Josh’s video: MYOB ELEXPECTATIONS – Senator Michaelia Cash

His videos have also:

Josh’s video MYOB ELEXPECTATIONS – Senator Nick McKim