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LobbyXchange is a news website reporting from the parliamentary press gallery in Canberra focusing on the lobbying sector and non-government organisations (NGOs). LobbyXchange was born digital; it allows users to post, share, like and comment about the sector on our various digital platforms. The website will break news as it happens and offers investigative, specialist and public interest journalism. Our journalists, commentators and editorial resources are devoted to detailed analysis of lobbying issues across Australia.

Lobbyists and NGO CEOs must now be seen and heard in a 24 hour-7 day a week media cycle; Your Voice Matters. They are expected to reach a national audience to shape public opinion, influence legislation, advise on regulation, assist with law reform and inform the public about their issues. LobbyXchange provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and opinions for all national advocates of change. LobbyXchange keeps the public, parliament and media up to date with their advocacy positions, news and media campaigns.

Competition for politician’s, bureaucrat’s, NGO’s CEO’s, journalist’s and the general reader’s attention is growing as technology continues to adapt and change. National coverage of current affairs matters as lobbying has become a political fact of life in Australia. Over $2 billion is spent lobbying Federal, State, Territory and local governments. It has become an industry that now employs more than 10,000 people and represents every facet of human endeavour.

We have become a country of ‘aspirational’ public relations companies, lobby firms and NGOs. Since the 1980s lobbying in Australia has grown from a small industry of a few hundred employees to a multibillion dollar per year business. According to Prime Minister and Cabinet lobbyists now have a register of 1,185 clients represented by 249 lobbying companies that hold 550 parliamentary passes.

Traditional media is in structural decline as circulation and audience numbers continue to fall. Newsfeeds are consumed online by almost 75 percent of Australians while 89 per cent access the Internet. People are now truly digitally literate. They consume news and analysis via digital platforms and over 12 million Australians accessed online news sites last year. People now access their news via websites or on various devices and search engines provide links to news articles instantly.

NGO members, their supporters and the public now demand and expect more from their social media newfeeds. Members now want their voice to be heard in the corridors of power and to contribute, post comments, debate ideas, policies and priorities. These missives may not always align with your organisations communications strategy; member preferences, expectations, values and desires may differ. A diversity of choice and opinion can co-exist within most organisations and people expect to read factual journalistic information.

  • LobbyXchange informs you of what is occurring in parliament and in your sector
  • LobbyXchange will inform readers of your current affairs point of view, with fair and unbiased reporting that highlights the reasons for reform or change
  • LobbyXchange provides readers with reliable and concise information, and allows them to debate ideas, viewpoints, reflecting readers taste and preferences to be kept informed
  • We are an online resource for journalists, academics, public servants, ministerial staff and the public.

LobbyXchange news articles, opinion pieces and analysis features are unique and offer a point of difference to other news media.

Julian Fitzgerald is the founder of LobbyXChange.

All editorial enquiries, comments or submissions can be emailed through to: editor@lobbyxchange.com.au