The prime minister has announced that should the AstraZeneca/Oxford University trial prove successful a free vaccine would be provided to all 25 million Australians. The government has been able to strike a business deal with AstraZeneca and this would mean a vaccine for every single Australian with the vaccines manufactured right here in Australia.

The vaccine would take a couple months to get the manufacturing underway, once we were able to receive the formula. The prime minister does not anticipate roll out until early 2021 or later.

There are 160 different vaccine projects all around the world and some of those are obviously quite unlikely but some of them are also in a much better position. The Government has pulled together an expert panel, which is being led by Professor Brendan Murphy and they are advising us on those that are the right ones to put further if you like, positions on to ensure that we can spread our risk.
A vaccine is the ultimate answer for the nation to recover and return to normal; a COVID-safe community and economy. It must be remembered we have suffered the loss of over 430 lives in Australia.

All anti-vaxxers should take note as this will likely be compulsory and like when the Minister for Social Services introduced ‘no jab, no play’ rule. It should be remembered that vaccines take a long time to develop – the Gardasil vaccine actually took about 15 years to develop.